Morning Horse Riding From Reykjavik

Duration: 3.5 to 4 Hours Season: All year

A trek on the hardy, sure-footed Icelandic horse is an experience to remember. Whether you are a beginner or expert, old or young, these friendly horses, with their alert and willing nature are indeed a pleasure to ride in their natural surroundings.

Tour itinerary
We pick you up at your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavik and drive to the farm located only 20 minutes from Reykjavik.
Then you will get all the basic gear, such as helmets, boots and rain clothes. We gather information about how much you have been riding and choose the proper horse to match your experience.  At first, we start with a short riding lesson. Then tour lasts around two hours (one and a half in the winter season) and places you on a fun and relaxing ride over Hólmsheði hills and the surrounding area where you will come across stunning views over mountains, lakes, and volcanic formations.

We end the tour with some traditional Icelandic flatbread with smoked lamb, deep-fried sweetbread ‘Kleina’, beverages and coffee in our warm and cozy place.


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Departures: Pick up in Reykjavik starts at 9:30 and drop-off is around 13:00
Duration: Riding is 1,5 – 2 hours depending on season.
Total duration with pickup is ca. 3,5 – 4 hours

We prefer small groups. Riding in smaller groups means we are able to guide and instruct each rider on a personal level.

Are there weight or age limits?

  • Yes, the Icelandic horse is technically a pony (we’ll never admit it though) and the maximum weight is 110kg (240lbs).
  • The age limit on our tour is 8 years, although exceptions can be made if the child has riding experience. Please email us before making a reservation if this is the case.

I have riding experience but my friends don’t

  • Our daily tour is designed to work for everyone. Each tour has several guides on hand to make sure everyone gets to have a fun and enjoyable experience. The tours typically start out slowly while everyone gets used to their horses and then the pace picks up. Depending on the group, we then stretch out the group or split it up entirely if there are riders that only wish to walk.

Can I book a tour without pickup?

  • Yes, by default the online booking system assumes no pickup and shows the price for that.

My hotel/guesthouse isn’t listed in the dropdown menu, what do I do?

  • New city regulations require us to use bus stops in certain areas for pick-up and drop-off.
  • If your residence isn’t in the menu it’s likely either new or falls under a no-pickup zone. Please either pick to be determined and put your location in special requests, we’ll then let you know if it needs to be changed or if we can pick you up there, or choose one of the nearest bus stops.
  • The bus stops are numbered in our dropdown menu and the locations can be found here: Bus stops

Why do used riding clothes have to be disinfected?

  • It is not allowed to bring used riding gear to Iceland! There is a high risk of infecting our horses if you bring riding gear such as boots, chaps, gloves. You can bring clothes that have been washed with a disinfectant

Disinfection instructions from the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority


Services included

  • Safety helmet
  • Raingear
  • Boots
  • Riding gloves
  • English speaking guide
  • Pickup & drop-off in Reykjavík
  • Small groups only: 2-10 people

Services not included

  • Personal traveling insurance
Morning Horse Riding From Reykjavik
Morning Horse Riding From Reykjavik
Morning Horse Riding From Reykjavik

Ready to live your dream?

The encounter of a lifetime awaits. For nature-lovers who don’t follow the beaten path, this is the ideal way to explore the marvels of Iceland. We can’t wait to help you discover all that Iceland has to offer. Start planning your adventure today.

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“Iceland is unlike any other place in the world. It’s a land with a diverse and thrilling landscape that truly reveals the force and beauty of nature.”
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