Hunt the Northern Lights

Hunt the Northern Lights
Hunt the Northern Lights
Hunt the Northern Lights
Hunt the Northern Lights
Hunt the Northern Lights
Duration: 3-4 hours Season: September 15 to April 15 Price: $ 174 / ISK 22,900 per adult $ 87 / ISK 11,450 per child (0-11)

With very low light pollution, Iceland is the ideal place to observe the aurora borealis.
This spectacular phenomenon of dancing lights of charged particles from the sun, is visible on a clear night sky from September to April. All our trips are taking place in the absolute comfort of our Super Jeeps. Our guides will reveal all the secrets of this dazzling light show.

If Northern Lights are no seen during this tour, we will offer you to try once again for free.

Tour itinerary

Tour itinerary

The itinerary for this evening dedicated to observation is not established. Your guide, who has a perfect knowledge of the region, will lead you to remote areas, far away from Reykjavik's city lights. For the spectacle to be complete, the sky should also be clear, without clouds.

Aurora Map

Aurora Map

If the green zone is over Iceland, you have a great chance to see Aurora.
The map is provided by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Update frequency: 30min

Northern Lights real time map

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  • Northern lights
  • Icelandic nature in the dark
  • Lifetime experience

To provide aid for scheduling your trip, you may consult the weather forecast Here.

Here are some explanations to help you better understand this spectacular phenomenon:
Sun is causing the Polar Lights. During violent solar storms, a large amount of electrons and protons produced by the sun arrive in the Earth's atmosphere and light up the oxygen and nitrogen atoms, which suddenly become radiant and produce the magnificent veils of colorful light, known as the Polar Lights. We call them Polar on the reason that once arrived in the Earth's atmosphere, the particles are caught by the magnetic field, which forces them to move towards the North magnetic pole (Aurora Borealis) and the South magnetic pole (Aurora Australis).

The aurora has the shape of a thin oval elliptical strip centered on the North and South magnetic poles. The size of this shape depends on the solar activity: the more the Sun is "silent" and the solar wind calm, the less the oval shape is large; on the contrary, the more the solar wind strikes the earth's magnetic field with force and gusts, the more the aurora becomes greater and expands itself.

If Northern Lights are no seen during this tour, we will offer you to try once again for free.

This tour runs daily from September 15th to April 15th with minimum 1 person

Free pick-up in the Reykjavik area starts at 20:00 from September 15th to March 14th and at 21:00 from March 15th to April 15th

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  • Superjeep (1-6 persons) ISK 114,500
  • Monster Truck (1-10 persons) ISK 179,500
  • Luxury SUV (1-6 persons) ISK 114,500

It is recommended to bring the following clothing and equipment:

  • Warm clothes such as fleece or wool clothing
  • Waterproof clothing and windbreaker clothes (on a pair of pants and jacket)
  • Waterproof hiking shoes
  • A camera

For your safety, we reserve the right to change the tours on account of the weather conditions, the route or the snow.

 Our driver-guides have extensive knowledge about Iceland and will do their best to willingly adapt to your particular interest whether in nature, geology, current news-or 4x4 facts. We call it “conversational guidance”.

You travel comfortably for a day in a 4x4 super jeep with a limited number of persons (2-6 persons). You can stop whenever you want to take photos and to discuss with your driver guide, who will share with you his insight into a large variety of subjects related to Iceland, such as: the customs, the nature, the geology, the history, the current events- or even facts about the 4x4 vehicles.

Services included

  • Trips in a Super Jeep with our English-speaking driver-guide (capacity of 2-6 persons)
  • If Northern Lights are no seen during this tour, we will offer you to try once again for free.
  • Northern lights
  • Icelandic nature in the dark
  • FREE photo service
  • Hot Chocolate & Reyka vodka
  • FREE admission fee to Aurora Reykjavik

Services not included

  • Flights to and from Iceland
  • Meals and drinks at the restaurant (if not differently mentioned)
  • Personal travelling insurance

Ready to live your dream?

The encounter of a lifetime awaits. For nature-lovers who don’t follow the beaten path, this is the ideal way to explore the marvels of Iceland. We can’t wait to help you discover all that Iceland has to offer. Start planning your adventure today.

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